Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions about your situation that may be keeping you stuck, feeling hopeless, and hurting. Here are some of my thoughts on questions that clients tend to ask me about early in therapy.


Am I Stupid For Staying?

After an affair happens we sometimes reach out to our support for their thoughts and guidance on our situation. Though support is usually a good thing, it can sometimes make us question ourselves. In this FAQ video I talk about the many factors you may be sifting through as you are considering staying or leaving.

Will They Cheat Again?

Being cheated on always seems to bring up this fearful question for clients I have worked with. In this FAQ video I give my complete answer about whether or not your partner will cheat again. I also tell you what needs to happen in your relationship for the cheating to have the best chance at stopping.

Am I An Idiot For Wanting To Work On My Relationship?

Sometimes, the pain you experience after your partner’s affair can make you feel like giving up or make you question any energy you put back into your relationship. In this video I talk about how you may be wanting a guarantee about your relationship moving forward.

Was I Not A Good Enough Lover?

Even though being cheated on describes your partner more than it describes you, it is natural for most of us to point the finger at ourselves and try to take the blame. Especially with sexual affairs the question, “Was I not a good enough lover” can plague you. In this video I talk about how this is an unfair question and I suggest a more balanced view on what sets the stage for affairs.